10 Rad Website Designs

YES, we said RAD. Here are a few websites that rock our world. These are a great source for inspiration and entertainment! Check it:

Checkland Kindleysides

*Interesting paper-like animation (doesn’t over-use flash)
*clean design
*easy navigation

BBH New York

*Unique navigation in intro
*super clean design
*clear grid, lots of white (breathing room! YAY)
*understated flash elements

Change Integrated

*Fun interactive way to connect with the company (nice use of photos)
*entire site on 1 pg – it’s hard to incorporate everything into 1 pg!
*great branding

Sour Sally

*fun interactive navigation, almost like a game
*cute branding

Viget Inspire

* large background image
* love the watercolor effect

Free People

* lots of fun texture
* uses collage effect
* vintage looking images
* hand drawn elements

Things I Love

* trippy and super interactive website that you control with the scroll wheel of your mouse
* clean typography
* lots of white space

Visit Cascadia

* bright and fun travel website
* very informative
* large background image
* great images

Jimmy Andersson

* cool artist portfolio
* super creative use of typography
* colors and textures are unexpected


* grungy but not overdone
* clean typography
* nice layout




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