Cold War Kids at the Casbah

The band ‘The Cold War Kids‘ were in San Diego for street scene and decided to stay and play a surprise show at a little venue called the Casbah! Luckily Erin came upon a MySpace post yesterday announcing their surprise performance and CD release party. Michelle, Erin and I are avid Cold War Kids fans and play them on pandora all day at work so we were stoked! I live a 2 blocks from the Casbah so we had a perfect place to have some drinks before walking down to get in line. 🙂 They were expected to play at 11:30 so we got there at 9:15 to find a HUGE line already formed. We didn’t even get into the place until 12:00, but it was worth it! $10 at the door got us into the show along with a copy of their new CD which was officially released today. The Casbah is a small venue so it was great to be a few feet away from them rockin’ out with all their biggest fans.  

Here we are in line!

Good show with good friends… We also got some sweet tees for $5! HOLLA!

OH- check out their new CD: “Loyalty to Loyalty” on sale now!


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