Temecula Valley Film and Music Festival 2008

I am proud to announce that there was 3 films from the San Diego State Film Dept. featured in the Temecula Film and Musical Festival. My roommate was AD (assistant director) for “Through the Dark” which was directed by Billy Massung. She hooked me up with a pass to the event, so we spent our weekend in Temecula watching films and shmoozing with other film makers. The other SDSU films were “Four Minutes ‘Til Noon” directed by Johnathan Taylor and “In Velvet” directed by Joseph Bolton. It was so exciting to see their films on the big screen!

Opening night was on Wednesday and featured a film called The Flyboys. Kyle, a young boy who moves to a new town, quickly finds himself in trouble with just about everyone. When he accidentally stumbles onto a mob conspiracy, he and his friend Jason discover they are the only passengers aboard a twin-engine airplane and they must fly the plane themselves or face a perilous crash into the mountain side and so…. their adventure continues. This is was a fun film, excellently crafted and good for the whole family. Classic for the opening of the Temecula festival.

Duane Tramell and I with J.Todd Adams, actor from 'The Flyboys'

The next day we hit up all the shorts. We saw as many short films as we could which basically meant we were in the theater ALL day.

My favorite animations were: Racoon & Crawfish & I Am the Eggman.

My favorite shorts included: Saving Mom and Dad, Passing Fancy, Hungry God, Have you ever heard about Vukovar and Monsoon. I saw one feature length documentary titled ‘Reserved to Fight’ which was very entertaining and informative.

I also really enjoyed ‘Residue,’ and we were fortunate enough to meet some of the men who worked on the film: Wally Schlotter, Wade Miller and Jared Davis.

Diliana and I with Jared Davis, actor and writer of 'Residue'

Overall it was a great opportunity to see some amazing work from the independent film makers and meet some very talented people.


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