The Mysterious

I found an article on Veer about and I was intrigued. ‘Anonymous’ works for a major stock photo company and spend hours each day cataloging images. It’s understandable that one would become inspired by some of the images that pass his desk. He classifies himself as an “ameteur designer,” who takes some of the stock images that “won’t see the light of day” and creates interesting designs which he posts on All the images are created from stock thumbnails that are available on the company’s site. For legal reasons, he hasn’t announced which company he works for. The Denver Egotist calls it “a bit fishy” and SwissMiss can’t help but think “this will end up being a guerilla marketing campaign for one of the big photography sites.” So whether this is just some guy who get’s bored at work, or a genius marketing campaign, it seems to be stirring up the design blog world.

DESIGNERS TAKE NOTE: I think this is also a great example of how to use stock images in an interesting way so they don’t look so “stock.”


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