San Diego’s Art Scene

So Michelle and I made it out to support the opening of a new gallery exhibit at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center in La Jolla. Our friend Wendy Shapiro, a book-maker extraordinaire, is featured in the “Emerging Artists” show which will be on display until October 30, 2008. The featured artists include Ali Silverstein, Steve Gould, Joanna Neborsky, and Debbie Kupinsky. The show included a diverse collection of photography, painting and book arts.

One of Wendy’s book displays:

(handle with gloves) Michelle was shocked that it was even an option! Books are easily spilled on, bent, or torn and with that many hours going into one piece of work, you hope people don’t think they are at Barns and Noble and flip through it!

Michelle was posing for the photo and she put on the gloves before she actually handled the book. (This is serious stuff people!)

“Wendy Shapiro is engaged in the art of bookmaking. From concept to execution, she takes life experiences , observations, and tells a story in a three dimensional form. She enjoys photography and graphic design and incorporated the two mediums into many of her books. Although Wendy’s books are the result of individual perspective, she encourages the viewers’ personal interpretation.”

Her books are beautifully crafted and intriguing. Each one takes you on a journey, that’s unlike any other traditional novel. That’s what I enjoy about modern bookmaking. The story isn’t told in words necessarily, but it’s the interaction with the book itself.

This book was beautiful and there is a copy of it in the permanent collection in the Mingei Museum.

On Saturday Diliana and I headed to Ray at Night. This event happens every 2nd Saturday of the month where they block off Ray street and all of the galleries and local businesses open their doors to hundreds of people looking for culture and good energy. There is usually 2-3 different musicians performing in the various galleries and wine and snacks are served in every room if you offer some form of donation. This is San Diego’s largest and longest running art walk. Ray at Night was started by Gustaf Rooth and Ken Calloway in 2001. After a year of the festivities, he secured grant money to rebuild sidewalks, plants trees and add benches turning Ray Street into the official street of art and culture and giving hundreds of new artists a venue to share their work.

It was a beautifully warm evening, crowded with good energy and amazing art! This weekend we celebrated the 7th year anniversary of the event and Gustaf made a speech on the roof of one of the galleries.

(There was a light show on the building)

I’ll send out a reminder to everyone the next time this event comes around! It’s a must-see in San Diego!

We finished up the evening at Zensai Sushi in North Park for a “snack” and ended up ordering more sushi and drinks than we expected.

Ed is our amazing sushi chef who has truly has an art of his own. His creations were beautiful and delicious! The service was great and so was the ambiance. Stop by and say hello to Ed and Michael and try the “Northern Lights” Roll. The perfect ending to a perfect night!


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