Random Acts of Kindness

So I was reading an article on Veer about a project called “Operation Nice.” Don’t you love it when people go out of their way to be nice? Like when someone waits to hold the door for you. Or when a stranger waves you into the line of traffic. Operation Nice is a website dedicated to reminding you that a little nice goes a long way. It saddens me that I’m actually surprised when I get a smile or a gesture of kindness… why is it so uncommon?! This site was created by Melissa Ivone, a graphic designer from New Jersey who seems dedicated to the cause. I hope her site reminds people that being nice doesn’t have to be a struggle and it can affect other people more than you realize.

My Mom was telling me a story about how she was on the phone with a catering company and the gentleman was being very patient and helpful. My Mom was so pleasantly surprised that she actually said “You know, you have been so helpful and I’ve been stressed with this project, but you’re making this so easy and your service has really been excellent. I really appreciate what you do. Thank you.” The man paused on the other end of the phone and said “Well thank you so much. You know, I really needed that today. It’s been one of those days, so… thank you.” – This is a small scale act that brought up this man’s day. Thanks Mom.

Thinking about random acts of kindness reminded me of the “Free Hugs Campaign.” On the site, go and download the “Illustrated Guide to Free Hugs.” Here is a little bit from the pdf book:

The book also includes some compelling stories about his interactions with people and I think it says a lot about our society. Check out his YouTube video:

It’s amazing how a hug from a stranger can be just what someone needs. I like the man in the video wearing the cream jacket that walks just past him and then stops and goes back to give him a hug.

Well I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and in the spirit of giving, here are some links to some cool free stuff:

*Sweet Vector Freebies from GoMediazine.com. – Everything from Animals, scatter brushes, zombies and more!

*Smashing Magazine Freebies – A blend of icon sets, WordPress themes, photoshop brushes and more.

*Veer Wallpaper – You have to sign in, but then you can download awesome wallpaper for your computer and iphone!

*Brown Paper Texture from Spoon Graphics – It seems random, but I love including textures into websites and flyers and these are hi res!

*Da-Font.com – free fonts that rock my world

*CGTextures.com – free textures. I’ve never used this site, but I just found it… let me know if you like it!

*Brusheezy.com – hundreds of free brushes for photoshop!

WOW I just started this search and I didn’t realize there was so much free stuff out there! Now I want to spend hours with all my new free downloads. I’m such a nerd… 😀


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