9-11 where were you?

In remembrance of those we lost 7 years ago, where were you on 9-11?

I was asleep when my mom called me from work and told me there was an attack in New York. I remember rushing to the TV to see what happened. We watched the news in school all day. It was such a bizarre feeling to see all of the madness happening on TV and then looking out my window to see a warm, sunny, quiet day California day.

I just visited NYC for the first time in July and riding through ground zero on the path train was the eeriest feeling and even more bizarre were the packs of people gathering to take pictures.

Below are various murals and artwork honoring those we lost on that day:

Artwork from kids who lost their parents on 9-11 displayed at the Terrapin Chelsea Art Gallery in Manhattan in 2004:



2 thoughts on “9-11 where were you?

  1. I was sleeping too. It was my 5th year of college, and we only had a semester left of school, so I didn’t have cable hooked up. My dad called, I woke my roommate, and we both went to his girlfriend’s house across the street to watch what was happening. We watched as the 2nd plane went in I think, but they thought it was over, so class was not called off. We walked to the business building at UW-Madison, and by the time class started there was an announcement about the Pentagon. They sent everyone home, and we were glued to the tv the rest of the day. That unfortunately was one of the most memorable days of my life.

    Many prayers to the families, friends and anyone else affected by that terrible day.


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