“Acoustic Mayhem” with Dawn Mitschele and Bushwalla

Last night my roommate Diliana and I went to see some of our favorite local artists perform. (Here we are at the show)

Dawn Mitschele and Bushwalla have teamed up for a tour around California called “Acoustic Mayhem.” Dawn would be the “acoustic” and Bushwalla would be the “mayhem!” But really, they both cause a little mayhem when they start singing, because you are instantly engaged and wrapped in the wonderful energy of their performance.

We all smashed into a small room in the Mueller College of Holistic Studies across from the infamous Twiggs cafe in University Heights, San Diego. Locals show up an hour early to pick up a warm tea from Twiggs, chat with other Mayhem fans and make sure they get a seat for the show! When we are all finally packed in, there is standing room only and people huddle outside just to get a peek. There is such an amazing energy that happens in a small room with live music.

Dawn Mitschele opened up the show with her sweet voice and intriguing lyrics. When she sings, I am instantly calmed and as she said herself last night, “it is a time to decompress.” When she walks up and starts to sing all fo the hustle and bustle in the room comes to a halt and you are mesmerized by her music. Check out her on MySpace to listen to some of her work. Her new album “Town of Trees EP” is now available on itunes and is in my “most played” list. Her most popular songs include: “Float Like a Feather,” which is soft and sweet and brings up my mood when I’m having a bad day. “Redwood Street” has a bluesy beat and “Dominoes” is a more acoustic pop. Here is her new “Dominos” music video:

Bushwalla on the other hand, is a juggling, joke-telling, fire-breathing, self-proclaimed gangsta from Cleveland. His music is almost acoustic rap where his quick rhymes and witty lyrics keep you wanting more. He’s an all-around performer and he seems to be happiest when he’s jammin’ on stage with his buddies. His new album “Autodidactical, Freestyle and Radical” is available at Bushwalla.net or on itunes. Go and listen! “Gangsta” will keep you laughing and “Fall Through Glass” is my motivation song.

Here is a new video of Dawn and Bushwalla singing “Mayhem is Beautiful.”

I picked up a Bushwalla shirt to support because I truly an a t-shirt whore. (aka – I Love T-shirts!)

Jason Mraz also showed up to perform with Bushwalla last night. They are best friends and have been jammin’ together… forever. They never mention his name, but I used to see them perform together every Sunday at Twiggs a few years back. (Jason and Bushwalla are both originally from San Diego.) You never know when/if he’ll show up, but when Jason and Bushwalla perform together, it’s magic. They have a hilarious banter between them and they love to improve and create new songs on the spot. It’s always entertaining and I’ve really gotten to see what a talented artist Jason is, behind the scenes.

Pick up Jason’s new CD: “We Dance, We Sing, We Steal Things” and If you like Jason Mraz, make sure you check out Bushwalla and Dawn as well! 🙂

I hope everyone had a fun weekend!


3 thoughts on ““Acoustic Mayhem” with Dawn Mitschele and Bushwalla

  1. hi, me and my girlfriend were there that night and jason and bushwalla improvised a song for my girlfriend Raven, at the time it was our “2 year 11month anniversary” We have been together going strong……I was always hoping I could get my hands on a video of the night, or someone by chance recording them singing that song to her…..If there is anyway you can help me with this I would greatly appreciate it….My email is jerome.santillan@gmail.com

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