Dirty Laundry: The Art of the Stain

I was reading the Dexigner blog and I found an article about this unique t-shirt competition. Cotton is sponsoring a new gallery show where artists incorporate stains into the design of the t-shirt. Dirty laundry is a gallery show devoted to the concept of potential. Whether it’s grass, grease or ketchup, participants of the show are challenged to incorporate the stain into a custom designed silkscreen, turning “ruin into remix.”‘ The idea that we can change our perception of fashion and build a new idea of of the mantra “reduce, recuse, recycle.”

The artists must incorporate the stain into the design of the shirt which is then printed on the shirt. The stain becomes an integral part of the design, turning trash into fashion.

The shirts will be on display at the Nuuanu Gallery in Honolulu, Hawaii from Sept. 4-20.

Dirty Laundry is curated by Jesse Arneson and Chris Thomas of Seeing Red and Scott Na’auao.

So, If you’re going to be in Hawaii in September, be sure to stop by! (I wish I could go…)

What do you think about having a dirty laundry competition here in SD? Let’s stain some shirts!!!

I found another blog, Buy-Tees.net that mentioned dirty laundry and I came across a few shocking links I wish I hadn’t found! “The Armpit Shirt.”

It IS as bad as you think… click the link above to read more.

Ok, to leave you on a happier note, check out this amazing video I found on Veer‘s New blog: The Fat.

Some people have a lot of time on their hands… Thanks Pamela Haskell for posting this and “WriterGoat” for creating it! It made my day! đŸ˜€


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