Labor day: art, friends & sun

Well, Mel and I ventured out to get cultured last Thursday night at the Atheneum in La Jolla. It is one of the few private libraries in California and the only library, art gallery & concert venue in San Diego. It was a nice change of pace to get away from my computer monitor that my eyes have been attached to for months and see some real live art in person.

I ran into my book-making friend extraordinaire, Jenny Yoshida Park who was displaying two of her books at the show. I’ve admired everything Jenny has ever made. Her precision, well developed ideas and quality of work have set her apart from the norm. She is now working freelance for your artist book making needs or any other specialty handmade item such as invitations, portfolios or cases, locally in San Diego. The page from the book below is done completely by hand in mechanical pencil. The girl is awesome.

The art was beautiful and the company was wonderful. I spent the rest of my labor day weekend playing frisbee on the beach, floating in my rubber boat with z and reading my book. The change of pace I’ve been seeking.

peace, love and tees



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