Political Tees – Rock the Vote!

We just announced a new political t-shirt competition on Collar Free!

We are inviting artists to download our design template and create a pro-Obama or pro-McCain t-shirt that they will then submit to the site. The Obama shirts will battle other Obama shirts and McCain will be up against McCain. Choose one from the drop down menu and then just click on the design you like better!

We only have a few designs in the system so I’m calling all designers to stretch your democratic freedom and design a shirt and vote! We are going to promote the heck out of this contest and try to attract attention from the political parties and other rally/promotion groups. We are offering companies on demand printing, so your shirt may be printed even if it doesn’t win the official Collar Free design contest. Designers will be paid a royalty for every shirt sold! Read the complete rules.

I did some research to try to find inspiration for political tees and I found these:

Politiclothes.com offered some political tee’s on demand.


All of their t-shirts were pretty boring and I KNOW we have designers that could make some sick pro-candidate shirts. Read about the Collar Free shirt contest.

Here are some other political t-shirt links: (This is not what we are looking for on Collar Free because most are anti-candidate or they are not Obama/McCain specific, but general statements about politics.) They are fun to browse though!

Demokratees.com – political statements on tees: anti-war/anti-violence/humor

T-ShirtHumor.com – ridiculous tees about old and new candidates

ThoseShirts.com – political party shirts/humor

T-Shirt Countdown.com – Top 100 political t-shirts. According to who? ‘Im not sure… and most are boring, but it could give you some design ideas.

Can’t wait to see your shirts on Collar Free! 🙂



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