60 years and photography

This weekend I went home for my grandprents 60th Wedding Anniversary! 65 people (most over the age of 75) traveled from all over southern California to be at our house for this celebration. There was family and extended family and friends they have known for so many years that they seemed like family. My Grandma and Grandpa are both in their 80’s and watching their friends age and their family grow, must be a bitter sweet emotion. I feel so fortunate to have them in my life and to hear their stories of travel and triumph. This generation truly saw the most dramatic change in the world. They remember the first model T car and now we have voice-activated GPS!

At the party I tried to snap a few photos in between the mingling. I’m very interested in photography, but I’ve never had the passion or patience. My little Canon PowerShot does an excellent job for day-to-day pictures, and it’s small enough to take when I travel, but I would love to get a digital SLR. Does anyone have any recommendations for digital cameras, or a good place to get a deal?

When it comes to photography, I like a variety of styles. Here are some examples and links that give me inspiration daily:

MSN’s “This Week in Photos” has amazing photos posted weekly. This is your chance to peek into the lives of others all over the world. This is a great place to find interesting photos covering the current events. Here is a photo from this week’s Oympics and they also have photos from a recent attack in Georgia. Feed your mind, see it all.

James Jaeger Photography – an amazingly talented photographer from my home town who is now in LA continuing his photography career. His photography is rich with emotion and always tells a story. I’m sure we’ll see his stuff in Vogue soon! Check out his amazing portfolio: a2pix.com.

My friend Diliana sent me a link to a Bulgarian photographer named Simeon Tsonchev who photos people and seems to catch amazing moments in time.

So I just asked some friends to send their favorite photography sites and I got lost on all of the great photos! I’ll post more soon, but until then, have a good monday! 🙂



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