Inspiration: Matt W. Moore

I read this article about Matt W. Moore at The Royal He is a self proclaimed artist :: illustrator :: canvas painter :: graffiti kid; pretty much jack of all trades when it comes to design. His graphics and artwork are super inspiring and makes me want to buy a canvas and start getting creative. He works for Burton Snowboards, no wonder why I love his stuff  🙂

I love these super bright and poppy graphics Matt puts on skateboards

I love these super bright and poppy graphics Matt applies to skateboards

Definitely check this guy out, his talent is infectious. He started this super cool online mag called wallspankers. If you like illustration and graphics this mag is for you. It’s a high-resolution black and white zine formatted as a downloadable pdf file.  The coolest part is that is a sticker zine, which means you can (and should) slap walls with really great art where ever you are. If you submit your work you could potentially be published in this zine and have people sporting your art internationally.

I freaking love stickers:

My People! Please start making super sick vector graphics and putting them on tees. I need this kind of art in my life!

Graphics like this would look sick on a tee!

I hope this inspires you as much as it inspired me 🙂



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