So Mel passed this link onto me from Seth (our awesome developer) called kuler.com. It’s all about color and pairing up different hues and colors to create great swatch books to use in your own work. This is such a fun tool! If you login you can download Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) files and load them into CS2 or CS3. They have different sections including: newest colors, most popular, highest rated and random themes.

My favorite selection today was “Afternoon Chai” and “Impassive”

You can also create your own set of swatches and kuler gives you all of the RGB, CMYK & HEX color numbers so you can easily drop them into your illustrator or photoshop file to take the guessing out of color selection.

The links page is very helpful and they have a ton of fun widgets to download. Thanks Seth for finding this rocking site!


9 thoughts on “KULER.COM

  1. hey kristi,
    thanks for the comment, i checked out your site, i love your paintings! the colors are great and would look great on a tee!


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