15 Mistakes made by Designers

So I just found an awesome article on GoMediazine that cover “awful mistakes made by designers in the music and apparel industry.” This is 2 of a 3 part series that is great reminder to designers of all levels.

Check out Number 7:

“You’ve always heard that communication is key. Young designers and even experienced ones lose jobs because they don’t follow directions or listen to what the client really wants.”

(This is a great image highlighting common problems we run into as designers. Click to read full article.)

There is that saying that “the customer is always right,” which can be frustrating in design. Some clients give more room for artistic freedom than others, but clearly understanding what they want before you spend hours on layout that YOU think is beautiful- helps a lot. We all know that some clients don’t really know what they want. All they know is they DON’T want what you created after 3 weeks of mock-ups and meetings. Love it. Just remember, communication is the key to success.

I also like Number 8:

Not utilizing the medium to it’s fullest.”

Here they were referring to different parts of the design and creating new ways to display things. “There is more to packaging than just graphics.” Sometimes you need to get off of that chair and down on the floor with some paint, paper and glue. I’m a painter and after staring at a computer screen all day I really need to unwind with a canvas. I think experimenting with mixed media– no not like Photoshop and Illustrator- like paper and paint -really let’s you use those same principles of layering and textures which you can then use in your graphic arts. I try to use the computer as a tool to express ideas that came from my arm and pencil. Even if you’re not into fine art, give it a try!

Check out the complete artile at GoMediazine for more info on common mistakes so YOU don’t make them! 🙂


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